Catering for Employer Information Sessions

The Career Center will be happy to make arrangements for food service at your information session/presentation. Reservations can be secured by calling or emailing Michelle Werth. Below are menu options available through University Catering Services. We will do our best to accommodate all requests. Please make any requests early.

The Meliora Club Catering Menu

Breakfast Options

Selection To Include Price
Morning Agenda Assorted Premium Pastries, Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter, Assorted Juices, Coffee Service. $ 9.99 Per Person
Signature Sunrise Assortment of Freshly-Baked Pastries, Bagels, Muffins and a Coffee Service. $ 5.99 Per Person

Lunchtime Buffet Options

Selection To Include Price
Classic Sandwich Collection An Assortment of our classic Sandwiches served with seasonal Tossed Green Salad Signature Side Salad, Chips, Decadent Dessert Bars, Cookies, Assorted Soda and Bottled Water. 13.99 Per Person
Country Bistro Sandwich Sampler A variety of sandwiches from our Country Bistro collection, served with a Signature Side Salad, Chips, Cookies, and Assorted Soda and Bottled Water. 10.99 Per Person
The Corner Deli
Design your own Sandwiches with a selection of premium deli meats & cheeses, Including Roasted Turkey Breast, Smokey Ham, Shaved Roast Beef, Cheddar and American Cheese. Served with an Assortment of Breads and Rolls, a Signature Side Salad, Chips Freshly Baked Cookies and Assorted Soda and Bottled Water.
11.99 Per Person

Boxed Lunches $10.99 Per Person

The Bistro Classic BoxChoose and Sandwich, or an entrée Salad.Your box will include a side salad, Chips a Freshly Baked Cookie, and a beverage of your choice.

Classic Sandwiches you can choose from are:

  1. Turkey Breast Caesar Wrap
  2. Shaved Roast Beef & Smokey Ham with Cheddar Cheese on a croissant
  3. Stuffed Greek Salad Pita
  4. Albacore Tuna with Sun Dried Tomato spread on a crusty Multi-Grain Roll

Entrée Salads you can choose from are:

  1. Toasted Cashew Chicken Salad
  2. Fresh Mozzarella and Basil Penne Salad
  3. Chicken Caesar Salad
  4. Side Salads to choose from:
  5. Seasonal Tossed Green Salad
  6. Signature Side of the Day

The Country Bistro Box $8.99 / PersonYour box will include:

  1. A sandwich of your choice
  2. chips
  3. Freshly Baked Cookie
  4. Beverage of your choice

Country Bistro Sandwiches you can choose from are:

  1. Overstuffed Turkey, Bacon and Cheese on Sourdough Bread
  2. Albacore Tuna Salad with Lettuce and Tomato on a multi Grain Roll
  3. Shaved Roast Beef, Smokey Ham and Cheddar on a French Roll

Beverages $1.99 Per Person (If not included in meal)

  1. Coke
  2. Diet Coke
  3. Ginger Ale
  4. Root Beer
  5. Sprite
  6. Bottled Water

Sweets, Treats and Drinks

Selection Price
Starbucks Coffee $1.99 Per Person
Tea $1.99 Per Person
Snapple $1.99 Per Person
Minute Made 100% juice $1.99 Per Person
Lemonade $15.00 Per Gallon
Iced Tea $15.00 Per Gallon
Fruit Punch $15.00 Per Gallon
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter $2.49 Per Person
Assorted Dessert Bars $3.29 Per Person
Brownies $1.75 Per Person
Assorted Cookies $1.50 Per Person
Dessert Bars and Cookies $3.29 Per Person
Domestic Cheese Tray and Crackers $2.49 Per Person
The Fiesta Tex-Mex 8 Layer Dip with Tortillas $3.99 Per Person
Veggie Tray with Dip $2.95 Per Person
Sliced Fresh Fruit Tray $2.75 Per Person
Cheese and Cracker Tray $3.50 Per Person
Chips and dip, Tortillas and Salsa and Pretzels $1.75 Per Person


Selection Price
16″ pizza with one topping $17.00 Each
Sheet Pizza with one topping $22.00 Each
Additional ToppingsExtra Cheese, Pepperoni, Sausage, Meatball, Hot Peppers, Chicken, Olives, Broccoli, Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Fresh Tomato $2.00 Each
White Pizza
Buffalo Chicken Pizza

All prices subject to change, always request a quote from the Career Center before finalizing price.