Interview Scheduling

The Career Center is currently accepting on-campus recruitment reservations for the 2015-2016 academic year.

During the Fall and Spring semesters, employers are invited to visit our campus and conduct pre-screened and open interviews with all undergraduate and many graduate majors in the Colleges of Engineering and Arts & Sciences.

Traditional On-Campus Schedule Options:
Pre-screened interviews:
Prescreened interviews allow you to receive resumes 2-3 weeks before your interview date, select candidates you’d like to meet with, and have the Career Center set up your schedule accordingly. Position descriptions for this interview type are needed at least one month prior to the interview date.

Open Interviews:
Open interview schedules allow any student the opportunity to sign up for an interview and discuss your hiring needs and company information. You will still receive applications from students signed up for your schedule, however all students are able to select time slots.

Virtual Interviewing Options:
Coordinated Phone Interview Schedule

Similar to an in-person on-campus schedule, candidates are pre-selected and scheduled for specific times throughout the interview day. Recruiters can then call a direct line into our interview rooms to phone interview each candidate as the schedule dictates.

Video/Skype Interviews:
The Career Center can also assist with setting up video or online interviews. The most cost-effective option is through Skype, where students can utilize a computer in our interview rooms to connect online with an employer via video feed. Additional video interview options are available, please contact us to tell us about any specific needs you may have.

Setting up Interview Schedules timeline:

Any time up to one month before schedule – Post job description with Career Center through Handshake

2-3 three weeks before interviews – Receive resumes of interested candidates

1-2 weeks before interviews – Return names of selected candidates for interview sign up

Interview Day – Schedules run from 9 AM – 5 PM, with a total of 12 interview slots, an hour lunch, and two fifteen-minute breaks. If you would like a different type of schedule, including longer time slots, coordination of multiple schedules, and later start or finish times, please discuss this with our staff.

A defined timeline will be tailored to your needs once you establish an on-campus date.

Interview dates can be secured by logging into your Handshake employer account.

Or calling or emailing:
Michelle Werth
Recruiting Coordinator