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recruitingDuring the fall and spring semesters, we invite employers to visit campus and interview undergraduate and graduate students from all majors and programs in Arts, Sciences and Engineering. Employers can engage with students through various formats such as remote interviewing or through informational interview sessions.

Upcoming Events

Engineering, Tech, and Data Science Career Expo
Tuesday, September 24
11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Cost: $475/table

Finance, Consulting, and Corporate Career Expo
Tuesday, September 24
11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Cost: $475/table

Parking and Driving Directions:

Parking will be available at the Alumni and Advancement Center lot on East River Road; parking is NOT available on campus. Please enter 300 East River Road, Rochester, NY into your GPS or phone for directions to the parking lot. Shuttle service will transport employers between the Alumni and Advancement Center and the River Campus.


You may ship materials in advance to:

Christina Pero
University of Rochester
500 Joseph C. Wilson Boulevard, 4-200 Dewey Hall
Box 270028
Rochester, NY 14627

Please plan for your shipment to arrive between Thursday, September 19 and Monday, September 23. Any shipments received will be delivered to your table the morning of the event.

For more information on these events, contact Christina Pero at (585) 276-3071


We are currently accepting on-campus recruitment reservations for the 2018–2019 academic year. Reservations allow you to visit campus to conduct pre-screened and open interviews with our students.

On-campus: pre-screened interview - You receive resumes two to three weeks before your interview date, select the candidates you’d like to meet with, and then have the Greene Center set up your schedule accordingly. Position descriptions for this interview type are needed at least one month prior to the interview date.

On-campus: open interview - This format gives any student the opportunity to sign up for an interview and discuss both your company and hiring needs. You will still receive applications from students signed up for your schedule, but all students are able to select time slots.

Virtual: coordinated phone interview - Similar to an in-person on-campus schedule, candidates are pre-selected and scheduled for specific interview times throughout the day. Recruiters can then call a direct line into our interview rooms to phone interview each candidate as scheduled.

Virtual: video/skype interview - Skype is a cost-effective option for our students. They have access to a computer in one of our interview rooms to connect with an employer via video feed. Additional video interview options are also available. Please contact us with your specific needs so that we can assist you.

Interview Schedule Timelines

Up to one month prior - Post your job description with the Greene Center through Handshake.

Two to three weeks prior - You will receive resumés of interested candidates.

One to two weeks prior - Return the names of the selected candidates for interview sign-up.

Day of - Typical schedules run from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., with a total of 12 interview slots, one hour allotted for lunch, and two fifteen-minute breaks. Contact us directly to discuss a different type of schedule, including longer time slots, coordination of multiple schedules, and later start or finish times.

A defined timeline will be tailored to your needs once you establish an on-campus date, and interview dates can be secured through your Handshake employer account.

Information Sessions

Thinking about hosting an information session at the University of Rochester? We offer a variety of options to employers. Our group is also available to handle logistics and will work with you to help create a successful event.

Teaching a Skill-based Seminar - Co-sponsored by relevant student organizations, these events teach students a skill needed in your industry. Past examples have included valuation, reading financial statements, software programs, and specific technical skills. Inclusion of a small section on your organization and hiring practices is encouraged.

Employer Connection Series - Similar to a traditional employer presentation, this option is part of a series of employer sponsored information sessions, promoted to students as a multi-event series. This format provides a more promotional push and increased student visibility.

Traditional Corporate/Employer Presentation - You can present information on your organization to students on campus. Promotions can be done to targeted students by major, student groups, and/or departments. Co-sponsorship by student group may also be a possibility.

Virtual Presentation Broadcast - It’s an info session without the associated costs of travel! Company representatives present a session/webinar from their own computer, which is broadcast in the Career Center’s conference room to an audience of students.

For employers who have already created webinars or seminars and broadcast through their own site, we can arrange student viewing and promotions (no fee). For employers interested in this option that do not have previously established webinars or presentations, we can work with you to find a user-friendly platform (cost varies by product).

Tips for Making Your Event Successful

Students often connect with employers in various ways. We offer the following suggestions to enhance the success of your session.

  1. Timing—Our students prefer focused pre-interview sessions or seminars, often held the evening before on-campus schedules.

  2. Preparation—Posting a position and collecting resumes in advance of an information session allows you to create targeted invitation lists and contact specific candidates directly.

  3. Alumni Connections—Our students are interested in alumni, and sending a University of Rochester alumnus to campus to conduct your session can increase both visibility and attendance.

  4. Email Promotions—We will include your session in our monthly promotions to students and are happy to do additional promotion to specialty majors and students groups depending on your area(s) of interest. Depending on email distribution, we may be able to send invitations to specific student populations based on your needs.

  5. Fliers and Posters—The Greene Center can create a basic poster for your event. You can also send us your own posters to be put up on campus (maximum of 30). Please send branded posters two weeks in advance of your session.

  6. Ads in The Campus Times—Advertise directly to students in the University’s popular weekly campus paper.


The Greene Center will handle room reservations, catering requests, and any technical or audio-visual needs. Equipment and catering charges will be invoiced to you after your session. To discuss your specific needs, review cost-saving strategies, or schedule a session, please contact Christina Pero at (585) 276-3071.

Off-Campus Recruiting

As an alternative to traditional on-campus visits and schedules, the Greene Center provides students with opportunities to explore internship options and career paths throughout the year by visiting alumni and employers in areas like New York, Boston, Washington, and the Bay Area. These trips allow current students to network with alumni and employers in industry-specific cities, and they provide employers with the opportunity to interact with our students. The Greene Center also collaborates with with several consortium-based recruiting events in cities nationwide, such as:

Career and Internship Connections - Recruiting events this year will be held in New York City during the January winter break. This event includes students from 19 prestigious colleges and universities from around the country, including Rochester.

Rochester Area Career Development Association - Local Rochester area employment and graduate school events, including Law School Night, Graduate School Fairs, the Rochester Area Career Expo, and Jobsapalooza.