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University of Rochester students are strongly encouraged to gain in depth field experience in areas related to their academic concentrations as part of the career planning process. Internships are an easy, cost-effective way to fill short-term needs with potential long-term employees. You get to “test drive” employees that have the knowledge and skills you need, while students receive a unique form of education that blends classroom training with practical work experience. Students who participate in internships are better equipped to make career decisions. University of Rochester students may pursue internships solely for experience or may seek academic credit. Coordinating the credit is the responsibility of the student and is typically arranged through a sponsoring professor and the College Center for Academic Support.
To post an internship with the University of Rochester:
Send the internship description to the UR Career Center via email, fax or regular mail to Dale Leyburn (contact information below). The following information is helpful when advertising an internship:

  • A job description
  • Internship timeline (fall, spring, summer or ongoing?)
  • The procedure for applying for the internship and the contact person (ex: require both a resume and cover letter, complete an application, phone call first, apply through a website, etc.)
  • Will this internship be open to all students? If not, please specify which fields/ majors you are interested in.
  • List any skills/requirements needed (e.g., computer skills, seniors only, etc.)
  • Is the internship paid, for academic credit, or voluntary?

How Does it Work?

  1. Send your postings to the Career Center via email, fax, or regular mail.
  2. The Career Center posts your internship opportunity on CareerLink (our online database).
  3. Students apply to the position based on your instructions.
  4. You identify candidates for interviews. Employers typically interview students at their office or over the phone. The Career Center is also happy to offer interview space on campus.
  5. Select your intern(s) and arrange start dates!

Unpaid Internships

Review the U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division’s test for unpaid interns

Contact Information:
Dale Leyburn
Associate Director
University of Rochester Career and Internship Center
Dewey Hall
Rochester, NY 14627
Fax: (585) 461-3093