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Faculty Advising

advisingWe recognize how many career-related questions can come up when you are advising students. While you can always refer a student to our office, we also encourage advisers to consider the following resources when working with a student:

Advisor Handbook - This comprehensive handbook covers multiple topics and is available online through the College Center for Advising Services.

Exploring Careers and Majors - This Career Community focuses on helping students to identify options related to some of the more typical questions you might hear like “what career should I consider?”, “what should I major in?”, and “what can I do with that major?”. Students should be encouraged to explore and join any of the career communities that interest them.

What can I do with this major? - This site allows advisors, students and parents to explore career options by major. It covers most majors and/or career fields, and each major includes information on various industries, employer types and strategies for success.