About the Career Center

We offer goal articulation and attainment counseling, coaching, and resources for freshmen, through seniors and beyond, including graduate students and alumni.  Our meliora-driven mission is measured by process facilitation, client progress, as well as attitude and outcome assessments.


To provide ever-better career and internship planning, coaching, programming and academically linked career counseling; as well as employer relations services and graduate and professional school advising for students and alumni.


  • To initiate and facilitate career research, exploration by experience and person-to-person networking that enhances capacities to articulate and, ultimately achieve career, internship, and academic goals.
  • To establish relationships and provide customized recruitment solutions to yield internships and job postings and interview opportunities associated with local, regional, national and global employers.
  • To facilitate goal setting and application processes associated with graduate and professional school and other post-bac academics.
  • To teach internship and job search and graduate school application skills that empower students and alumni to attain career and educational goals upon graduation and throughout their lifetimes.
  • To facilitate goal articulation and attainment through individualized interactions, or small group exchanges.

Strategic Services, Resources and Programs

  • Career Inventories, Goal Setting Seminars, and Goal Articulation Counseling
    Academically Linked Career and Internship Counseling and Advising
  • Individual Internship and Job Search Coaching
  • Resume, Cover Letter, and Networking Note Critiquing and Interview Skills Training
  • Hyman Goldberg Career Resource Library
  • On-campus schedules for Internship and Post-baccalaureate Opportunities
  • Web-Based Links to Goal Setting, Internship and Job Search, Graduate School, and Gap Year Resources
  • Web-accessible Internship and Post-baccalaureate Postings
  • Reach Funds for Unpaid Summer Internships
  • On and Off-campus University and Consortia Recruiting and Networking Events and Programs
  • Graduate, Professional School and Post-baccalaureate Continuing Education Advising
  • Counseling, Resources (including RCAN and LinkedIn) and Events to Support Student-to-Alumni Networking
  • Advising for Credit Bearing, Fee-Based and Other Comprehensive Experiential Programs

About Gwen M. Greene

Gwen M. Greene '65

“Thanks to incredible support from the University of Rochester, I was able to have the best college experience imaginable. Since my graduation, it has been my dream and goal to give back to the University. I credit this institution with everything good that has happened in my life.” – Gwen M. Greene ’65

For more than 20 years, Gwen Greene has been a passionate and loyal supporter of the University, serving on the Board of Trustees, generously providing scholarships and internships, and personally mentoring those whose lives she touches. Through her extraordinary generosity, the University is enhancing its career service offerings, including career counseling, graduate and pre-professional school advising, and networking opportunities for students and alumni. In recognition of her outstanding leadership and support, the University of Rochester proudly names the Gwen M. Greene Career and Internship Center.

Dedicated September 23, 2011