Gwen M. Greene Career and Internship Center Staff

Call our front desk at 275-2366 to make an appointment with any counselor below.

Burt Nadler, Assistant Dean/Career Center Director

Kellie Hernandez, Associate Director

Laura Jones, Associate Director

Amber Graham, Associate Director

Jodyi Wren, Associate Director

Dale Leyburn, Associate Director

Ellen Cole, Senior Assistant Director

Michelle Marks-Hook, Assistant Director of Student-Alumni/Parent Engagement Programs

Michelle Werth, Assistant Director, Counselor for Health Professions, Public Health and Life Sciences Research

Katie Ferruzza, Resource Counselor

David Cota-Buckhout, Resource Counselor

Alissa Roger, Counselor for Health Professions, Public Health and Life Sciences Research

Debbie Ortolani, Receptionist and Customer Service Coordinator

Peer Career Advisors
Additionally, there are 7 Peer Career Advisers (PCAs) in the Career Center Library available on a walk-in basis to assist with a variety of career-related needs.
Peer Career Advisers are students that have received a full semester of training by the Career Center Staff to:


  • Provide you with a tour of the Career Center Library
  • Introduce you to using the numerous printed and online career resources
  • Assist you in developing your resume and cover letter
  • Work with you to search for internships and employment opportunities
  • Critique your personal statements
  • Help you prepare for interviews
  • Keep you up to date about career-related events on and off campus
  • Answer any other career-related questions



Peer Career Advisers are here to help you get started on resumes, cover letters, and your initial search for internships and employment opportunities. Although they can provide you with immediate and brief advice on a variety of career-related issues, you are highly encouraged to make an appointment with a Career Counselor to discuss strategies to develop and achieve your career plans in detail.