The Career and Internship Center collects information from current students, graduating seniors and alumni regarding goals, outcomes and services at multiple times during the year. Results are published here twice annually.

While “placement of graduation” is of interest to many, in truth, these “statistics” are not valid nor reliable indicators of individual student “success” nor are they predictors of how a given student might fare over a four year academic tenure. Of course, we are proud of how many students find jobs, internships, and how many enter graduate and professional schools immediately post-commencement, but we are more proud of the outcomes facilitated by taking advantage of the Center’s services and resources that are designed to:

  • Initiate and facilitate the self assessment, pResearch (research before job search), exploration by experience, and person-to-person alumni(ae) networking that will enhance capacities to articulate and, ultimately, attain goals.
  • Nurture student employment, internship and post graduation application, interviewing and placement relationships with corporate, not for profit, educational, and varied prospective employers.
  • Facilitate goal setting and applications associated with graduate and professional schools as well as post baccalaureate fellowships, grants and related options.
  • Develop and enhance Resume and Job Search Correspondence Writing, Interview Skills Development, Self-initiated Job Search Techniques, Offer Negotiation, Internship and Summer Job Search skills.
  • Enhance participation in off-campus recruiting consortia events in New York, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and Boston that include pre-screened interviews and career fair components for career and internship applicants of varied majors and backgrounds.

We will continue to expand post-baccalaureate job search resources and services, without neglecting those associated with career exploration, internships, graduate study and the encouraging of academic curiosity. The Center is where developmental processes are facilitated by professionals who individually meet the needs of diverse undergraduates and alumni.

College of Arts, Sciences and Engineering

Student Outcomes and Services

oUR Students Succeed (pdf) – contains information that reveals:

  • University of Rochester Career Center goals and strategies
  • Majors and careers of greatest interest to Rochester students
  • Services, resources and user satisfaction
  • The importance of internship
  • Job search and graduate school outcomes

Class of 2014 Senior Survey (pdf) – provides information regarding the Class of 2014 obtained as of commencement, or immediately after, including:

  • Goals and focus
  • Senior status (accepted offers, considering offers, those attending graduate school, students actively seeking employment)
  • Career Center usage
  • Career Center services and ratings

Class of 2013 Successes – offers more detailed information regarding:

  • Employment (pdf) offers accepted by members of the Class of 2014 (includes employer name, position title and location)
  • Graduate (pdf) and professional school offers accepted by members of the Class of 2014 (includes degree and school)

Class of 2013 Alumni “One Year Out” Survey Results (pdf) – presents information from the Class of 2013 regarding status one year post commencement, including:

  • Statistics regarding employment status
  • Statistics regarding graduate and professional school status
  • Salary range of employed alumni

Summer Internship Survey Results (pdf) – offers information from the Classes of 2015, 2016, and 2017 regarding summer work and internships

Appointment Data -Detailed 2013-14 academic year appointment information, presented by:

  • Class Year
  • Major
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Services Requested

Employer Relations and Recruiting Activity

Employer Relations Annual Report 2012-2013 – provides information regarding:

  • Interview schedule totals, number of student interviews, and firms that participated in on-campus interviewing (employer name)
  • Firms that participated in Fall and Spring Career and Internship Days
  • Job and internship posting statistics
  • Career and Internship Connection event details, list of registered CIC employers, numbers of interviews and number of UR student interviews
  • Total number of CIC interviews, and number of Rochester student interviews
  • Engineering off-campus events and programs
  • Finance, Banking and Consulting off-campus events and programs

2013-2014 Employers Participating in Recruiting Activities – list of employers by industry that participate in on- and off-campus recruiting events and activities.

oUR Students Succeed, Senior Survey Results, Class Successes, Appointment Data, and Recruiting Activities are updated annually on September 15th
“One year out” alumni survey and Summer Internship Survey data is updated annually on February 15th

We trust the information appearing in the sites identified and linked above answers some of the questions parents, prospective students, and others might have, but we always welcome specific queries. If you need additional clarification regarding these statistics or other Career Center matters, please email Dale Leyburn, Associate Director, at

Medical and Law School Statistics

2011-2013 Law School Application Statistics (pdf) – provides statistics for law school applicants from the 2011-2013 school years

Information on Medical School preparation and Admissions can be found via the Pre-Med and Allied Health Professions Advising page, College Center for Academic Advising

Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Specific Data

Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Class of 2013 Senior Survey Data (as of graduation)
Employment and graduate and professional school offers accepted by members of the Class of 2013

Engineering and Applied Sciences: On- and Off-Campus Recruiting Data 2011-2013
List includes employers who participated in UR recruiting events, as well as a selected list of employment and internship successes