Frequently Asked Questions

1. What employers visit campus to recruit seniors and other students?

Annually about 150 diverse employers participate in on-campus recruiting and in the career and internship fairs. Additional employer-to-student connections are made via “Career and Internship Connection” events in San Francisco, New York, Boston, Chicago and Washington, D.C.; through the hundreds of postings on the Career Center’s website; and through participation in regional job fairs. Additionally, while we are proud of the numbers of employers who recruit students for internships and post-graduation opportunities, we are always identifying new ways to invite potential employers to recruit oUR students. Lists of on-campus interviewers are available upon request and are posted via Handshake, a modern & intuitive career services platform. More and more, resumes will be collected and distributed via online techniques and special collections of resumes, focusing on fields of interests as well as targeted student populations, including student athletes and special scholarship recipients.

2. Can you help my student with decisions regarding majors and careers?
We regularly work with students focusing on academic as well as career interests. The innovative Rochester curriculum allows us to reinforce students exploration of majors, minors as well as clusters, while linking internship and post-baccalaureate strategies to academic and experiential criteria. The UR VIPS (Values, Interests, Personality and Skills) Search Program, which includes individualized vocational testing, and academically linked counseling, is flexible, is initiated by appointment, and facilitates a step-by-step process that helps students and alumni(ae) develop short and long-term educational and career objectives.

3. How can my student find internship opportunities as well as work-study employment?
Through informal advising or more formal counseling and coaching we expand student activities to utilize additional internet-driven resources, publications, and our alumni network. Each year Reach Funds are available for selected students who locate unpaid internships. We encourage you to “browse” Handshake, the “24-7 Career Center in Cyberspace.” This system includes postings of internships and post-baccalaureate opportunities as well as part-time off campus jobs. On-campus part-time employment (and work-study positions) are found through the Student Employment Office.

4. Are your services available to my student after he/she has graduated from the University?
Yes, alumni(ae) are always welcome! Please contact Michelle Marks-Hook, Assistant Director of Student-Alumni/Parent Engagement Programs for any alumni(ae) career concerns or refer to alumni(ae) career services.