Profiles of Meliora

Name: Anna Ziskend
Job/Grad School: Office of Senator John Kerry; Staff Assistant
Majors/Minors: International Relations and Spanish
Name: Betsy Swovick
Job/Grad School: Bausch and Lomb, Process Engineer
Majors/Minors: Biomedical Engineering, Cell and Tissue Engineering Concentration; Certificate in Management Studies, focus in Marketing
Name: Brian Lobenstine
Job/Grad School: Simon School of Business for my MBA
Majors/Minors: Financial Economics(Major) Biology/ Chemistry
Name: Donald Hume
Job/Grad School: University of Delaware, MS in Biomechanics and Movement Science
Majors/Minors: B.S. Biomedical Engineering
Name: Gemma Sole
Job/Grad School: Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton
Majors/Minors: Anthropology and English, Minor in Econ and Certificate in International Relations
Name: Imoh Ikpot
Job/Grad School: Research fellow at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute
Majors/Minors: Biomedical Engineering BS (Major)
Name: Jaclyn Zarack
Job/Grad School: Loyola University of Chicago School of Law, J.D
Majors/Minors: Double Major: English Literature, ASL
Name: Kellie C. Ileto
Job/Grad School: Employer: Kennedy Krieger Institute; Grad school: Johns Hopkins University M.S.
Majors/Minors: Psychology(Major) and Religion(Minor)
Name: Katie Litts
Job/Grad School: University of Alabama at Birmingham, pursuing PhD in Vision Science
Majors/Minors: Biomedical Engineering(Major), American Sign Language (Minor), Biology (Minor), Mathematics(Minor)
Name: Krista Wentworth
Job/Grad School: Resource Development Assistant at PENCIL, Inc.
Majors/Minors: Psychology (Major), Religion (Major) and Anthropology (Minor)
Name: Milo Spirig
Job/Grad School: Citi, Global Risk Management Analyst
Majors/Minors: Financial Economics(Major), Mathematics(Minor) and Chinese(Minor)
Name: Sylvia Guerra
Job/Grad School: Master of Theological Studies at Harvard Divinity School, Comparative Studies concentration.
Majors/Minors: Religion Major. I was also a declared Music major at one point, but I eventually dropped it take more religion classes. I still love music.
Name: Zachary Kimball
Job/Grad School: Research Assistant, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Deferred admission to: J.D., Harvard Law School
Majors/Minors: Honors Economics, Political Science (majors); Theatre (minor)