The University of Rochester Gwen M. Greene Career and Internship Center utilizes a 10-step approach to work with students on their career goals. These are modified depending on your goals, whether they are finding an internship, looking for a full-time job, or attending graduate school. The links below will get you started depending on your situation, and then continue on to link you to resources, events, and coaching to help you along your path!

10 Steps to Internship Success

Looking for an internship? These 10 steps will get you from concept to reality, from resume to application, and from classroom to real world!

10 Steps to Job Search Success

Starting your job search? This list will take you from defining your interests through applying and networking to accepting that job offer!

10 Steps to Graduate School Success

Grad School in your future? We have a ten steps for that too! Pick your programs, write you application, connect with people, and get that acceptance letter!

10 Steps to Success for International Students

A special 10 steps just for international students! From defining your interests to staying in visa status, determining your employment options and figuring out next steps!


Other Paths to Getting Started

What can I do with my major?
Job, Internship and Research Experiences
Career Resources