Recommendation Files for Recommendation Writers

Instructions for Recommendation Writers:
A recommendation file is used when applying to graduate and professional school and when seeking teaching or counseling positions. This is a convenience for both you, the recommendation writer and the candidate. We urge all recommendation writers, whether the letter is confidential or non-confidential to discuss the nature of their recommendation with the candidate. If your recommendation would not be of benefit to the candidate, we hope you will discuss this fact with him/her. We encourage candidates to engage their recommendation writers in a discussion about letters of recommendation on their behalf.

Applicants may have various options when it comes to collecting letters of recommendation.

  1. Some will need to compile these themselves to send in with their paper application, which will require you to print the letter and present it in a sealed envelope (signed across the seal) for each recommendation.
  2. Other programs utilize an online letter entry system, where you will receive an email with a website link to submit or copy/paste your letter into.
  3. Most law schools utilize the LSAC Credential Assembly Service (CAS)  for application compilation and the applicant will present you with an CAS form to submit with your letter. You will only need to submit one letter for their application process.
  4. Finally, many schools still request applicants to submit letters of recommendation from a recommendation or credential files service. The University of Rochester Career Center utilizes Interfolio, Inc. for their recommendation/credential files services.

The applicant should understand how the programs they are applying to accept recommendations, and be able to instruct you on how they need to be submitted.