REACH Funding


What is Reach Funding 2015?

Reach Internship Funds provide monetary support for undergraduates who obtain an unpaid internship opportunities to investigate career options, further develop skills and link classroom learning to the world of work. These funds assist with the creation of internships which would otherwise be unavailable; enabling students to participate in career related experiences, regardless of financial constraints. Reach Funds are available thanks to the generous gifts of University of Rochester friends and alumni who believe in the importance of experiential opportunities.

What is the Application Process?

* Conduct an internship search. Please make an appointment with a counselor and utilize the resources in the Hyman Goldberg Career Library at the Career Center!
* Secure an internship. (Internship must be secured before applying for funding)
* Complete the application with your supervisor/sponsor. (See below)

You must submit the following:
1. 2015 Reach Funding Application – including:

2. A one-page statement supporting the request for Reach Funding describing how the experience is career related.
3. Resume
4. Description of Organization (may be printed off company website)
5. Position description (may be printed off company website)

*Applications will not be considered until all the above pieces have been received.


To Submit your Application:

Submit materials in person to the Career and Internship Center, 4th Floor, Dewey Hall starting March 20th. Applications will not be accepted in advance of the March 20th opening date.  If you are studying abroad, full applications can be faxed to 585.461.3093 or emailed to Sponsor forms may be faxed separately or as part of a complete application.

Once submitted, applications are reviewed on a rolling basis by the Reach Committee. Please note that funds are limited, and that yearly budgets are not estimated until mid-April. Application review and awarding may take weeks, you will be notified as soon as any decisions are made.


*Please note that Reach awards are limited to a maximum of $3000 per employer and/or entire academic department.

*All Reach recipients must be aware that appropriate taxes will be removed by the finance department upon processing.