LinkedIn is a powerful online networking tool, that when used properly and effectively can greatly enhance your ability to identify and connect to mentors, keep track of professional contacts, and aid in internship and job search activities.

A growing number of University of Rochester Alumni and students utilize LinkedIn for professional networking.

Please see our Guide to LinkedIn, developed for UR students and alumni by the Gwen M. Greene Career and Internship Center. It includes a guide to creating your profile, beginning to connect, pro tips on searching for contacts, and how to move your network from online to in person.

LinkedIn has also published some great information about networking with alumni on their blog, including how to use the alumni dashboard tool and tips on the best ways to network with alumni.

LinkedIn holds free weekly webinars on the basics –

Official Tutorials from LinkedIn for Students
LinkedIn also has video tutorials for students, which are great for visual learners. Utilize these with the UR guide above, as the videos don’t tell you the HOW so much as the WHY to do certain things.
Get Started with Linked In
-Why you should join and use LinkedIn, how it works,
Build your Professional Brand – Getting started on your profile, selecting a photo, headline and summary
Growing your Network
– Utilizing your existing network (family, friends, faculty), reaching out to new contacts and groups
Find Opportunities – Utilizing your networking to identify positions, LinkedIn job postings
Nail the Interview – Researching using company pages, viewing job profiles, finding interviewers, industry knowledge, information conversations with insiders, company buzz

The University of Rochester has many alumni groups on LinkedIn, including:
Official University of Rochester Alumni Group

University of Rochester School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Simon School of Business Alumni Network
University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry
University of Rochester School of Nursing

See our LinkedIn tutorial on how to join and utilize groups on LinkedIn.