Sample Networking Questions

How to Get Started
List of alumni who attended Networking Nights 2008-present
Networking Etiquette and Actions
Finding Networking Contacts/Resources
Sample Networking Notes and Letters of Introduction

  • What is your job title and the nature of your position?
  • What would a typical entry-level position in the field be today?
  • What skills or talents would be required to succeed within the field and how can I nurture these?
  • Are special credentials, degrees, or licenses required?
  • Did you attend graduate or professional school, or any specialized skills-building programs?
  • What employers hire undergraduate interns or bachelor’s degree holders seeking to enter the fields?
  • If I am interested in seeking an internship, finding a post graduation position, or applying to graduate school related to your field, what specific advice would you give?
  • Is there a special project or two I could complete for you over the next 2-4 weeks, or 2-4 months?
  • Can you suggest other individuals (ideally 3) I could talk to regarding career information, or who could offer job search or internship consideration?
  • How can I best market myself for a position in this field?
  • How does XYZ Company’s hiring process work?