Career Shift

To meet your diverse career exploration, as well as internship and job search needs, we have partnered with CareerShift to bring you the best company and industry research tools and lead generation technology available today.

CareerShift is a powerful search platform that aggregates data available on the internet, including contact information. You can create lists of contacts, messaging campaigns, or simply search for people based on their title, location, employer, etc.

To self-register and begin using CareerShift immediately, access the site through Handshake or register here. Then, if you haven’t already done so, schedule an appointment with one of our counselors to discuss your goals and to complete an individualized CareerShift tutorial.  Once counselors are aware of your internship or job search objectives, they can show you how best to utilize CareerShift as you complete your steps to success.  Again, and again, we work one student at a time offering individualized attention, and seeking to address the unique needs of each individual.  Please let us do so, by scheduling regular appointments.

You can also access a CareerShift tutorial here.