Accessing and utilizing

Included on the site is the complete Vault Guide Library, including ALL Vault Guide books, numerous occupational profiles and over thousands of company snapshots.

Accessing the University of Rochester CareerInsider:

  1. Contact your Career Counselor for login info.
  2. On the left hand side in the box, click “Access Vault and create your account here”
  3. Once you provide a unique email address and password of your choosing (by following the instructions on the right hand side of the page, “New to Career Insider?”), you can access all of the guides under the Download Guides tab.

Recommended Resources:

Career Guides:
The University of Rochester Career and Internship Center has purchased full-download rights to all of the Industry Career Guides. These guides span a variety of industries ranging from banking to fashion and everything in between. Pdf files can be downloaded to your computer, and are licensed to you directly.

Once you are logged into Vault, navigate to the far right on the dark grey tab bar and click “Guides.” Then in the left hand “Browse Guides” column, select “Career Guides”

Industries & Professions:
Another great function within Vault is the Industries and Professions category. These include brief overviews of various industries, related professions, related industries and companies. Simply click on the “Industries and Professions” tab on the top navigation bar.

“A Day in the Life” series
For those interested in a walk through of a day in the life of a particular professional, Vault’s “Day in the Life Of…” series offers just that. Also on the “Industries and Professions” tab, scroll to the bottom of the main page to access these informative snapshots.