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Resumes and CVs

ResumesFor many students, creating your first resume can be a daunting process. Many students wonder: What should I highlight? What if I don't have much experience? How should I construct it?

Think of your resume as a snapshot into your professional persona. That is to say - a resume is simply a written collection of your credentials, work experience, education and accomplishments. Many employers will spend less than ten seconds looking at your resume before deciding whether or not you are an ideal fit for the position they are filling. This means that your resume should be a clear, concise and compelling selling point with regards to what you bring to the table.

As you begin the process of building your resume, it is a good idea to write down every position, experience or project that you have been involved with that may be relevant to the industry you are seeking work in. Once you've made a running list you can then begin to prioritize, highlight or omit specific items. Some things you might consider as you begin to think about your resume are:

  • Any relevant work experience.
  • Leadership or volunteer positions.
  • Computer software you are familiar with, or specialized skills that set you apart from your peers.
  • Awards or certifications.
  • Special interests, hobbies, class projects or causes you are involved with.
  • Experience in dealing with foreign languages or cultures.

The good thing about building your resume is that there is no "right" or "wrong" way to build one, and The Greene Center has advisors available to help you with this process. Our advisors can also assist those students that already have a resume by reviewing it and providing guidance on how to strengthen it. The most important thing to remember is that your resume is a living document and should be updated frequently!

Below are some helpful resources as you begin the process of showing employers who you are.


First Year Student Resume (DOC)

College Resume (DOC)

College Resume - Detailing Projects (DOC)


Clinical Resume (PDF)

Consulting (PDF)


Digital Media (PDF)

Engineering (PDF)

Investment Banking & Finance (PDF)

Marketing (PDF)

Policy (PDF)

Research (PDF)

Teaching (PDF)

Web Development (PDF)