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Undergraduate Students

Getting Started

Identifying meaningful connections between your academic pursuits and interests, co-curricular experiences and experiential learning often requires significant reflection and evaluation. Engaging in this process early during your time at Rochester will allow you to make informed decisions about your career options. The Greene Center can help you plan for future success by providing you with the tools to:

Know Yourself  Know Yourself

Identify interests, skills, values and personality preferences so that you can integrate these into your academic planning, career goals and decision-making. We have three worksheets available to help you think about your:

  • Interests - Reflect on what tasks interested you the most during past jobs, internships, or campus activities through our interest assessment worksheet.
  • Skills - Reflect on and assess skills that you've developed through courses and projects, involvement in campus organizations, internships, research, jobs, community involvement, hobbies, etc. through our skills assessment worksheet.
  • Values - Determine what is most important to you in work and life and what motivates you by completing our values assessment worksheet.

Discover your potential  Discover Your Potential

Researching academic options, career fields and job functions will help you to prioritize your options as you develop plans to achieve your goals. You can also explore how your major can translate into different industries and job titles.

Build competencies  Build Career Competencies

Seeking and completing experiences both in and out of the classroom will help you to develop and enhance targeted skills that will prepare you for a successful career. You can develop your career competencies through active engagement, experience or involvement in things like:

  • Jobs
  • Internships
  • Experiential learning beyond the classroom through things like co-curricular activities or research

Build a brand  Create a Personal Brand

Translate your experiences and abilities in ways that will distinguish you in a search process. This includes enhancing your oral and written communication skills. When speaking to a potential employer, you want to be able to convey your identity and goals by communicating strengths, skills, and interests.

Establish a Network  Establish a Network

Build, utilize and maintain your network to advance your goals and navigate career decisions. A solid network is crucial to your ultimate career success.