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Undergraduate Program

Major Requirements

TEN courses are required for a concentration in anthropology of which at least EIGHT must be beyond 200. These TEN courses must include the following:

  1. ANT 101 Cultural Anthropology, normally taken BEFORE the Spring semester of the sophomore year
  2. ANT 201 Theory and Method in Anthropology, normally taken in the Spring of the freshman or sophomore years (ANT 101 will be a prerequisite beginning in 2010)
  3. At least two of the core courses in anthropology: ANT 202 - 205
  4. One course that fulfills the Senior Requirement:
    1. ANT 301-309, 312 Advanced Topics
    2. ANT 390 Supervised Teaching (for ANT 101 Cultural Anthropology only)
    3. ANT 393 Honors Research in Anthropology

Suggested Program of Study

Freshman Year

Freshmen who are interested in anthropology should take ANT 101 in the Fall or Spring semesters.  The department also offers many electives that are open to freshmen at both the 100 and 200 levels. ANT 201 will be offered each Spring and it is suggested for students who have completed ANT 101 and are considering a concentration in anthropology.

Sophomore Year

Sophomores who have not taken ANT 101 as freshmen should complete ANT 101 by the end of the Fall semester. Those who are planning to go abroad as juniors should enroll in ANT 201 in the Spring. Core and elective classes at the 200 level are open to sophomores.

Junior Year

Juniors should enroll in core courses or electives at the 200 level. Some may wish to apply to be a Teaching Assistant in ANT 101. Many anthropology students study abroad for a semester or more. The number of study abroad credits earned that count towards the major varies. Consult the Director of Undergraduate Studies before you go abroad.

Senior Year

Complete the Senior Requirement along with any core or elective requirements that have yet to be completed.


Achievement of a grade point average for the courses required of concentrators, not including courses in the allied field(s), as follows: