College Center for Advising Services

Information for Parents

The Student/Adviser Relationship

New students in the College work with their pre-major advisers beginning at orientation and until the end of the sophomore year, unless students are accepted into a major earlier. New transfer students are assigned a pre-major adviser or an adviser in CCAS. Once in a major, students will seek advice from their academic department. It is not unusual for students interested in engineering to work with the same adviser throughout their undergraduate years. The professional staff advisers in the College Center for Advising Services, Lattimore 312, are available to meet with any student who has a question or concern. Freshmen and sophomores may also schedule a meeting with their class dean through Lattimore 312. Faculty and staff in each department and program are also available to consult with students about majors and minors. See the authorized signature list for contact information.

Academic advising at its best is more than program planning, it enhances student learning and development and encourages students to become participants in and contributors to their own education. Advisers assist students in their transition to higher education, help students develop realistic academic plans, encourage students to take responsibility for their educational and personal goals, and help students develop lifelong learning and self-management skills. Advisers refer students, as needed, to other campus resources. Advisers also respect student confidentiality rights regarding personal information and follow their institution’s guidance as it relates to the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). (Adapted from the National Academic Advising Association Statement of Core Values)