Theatre Internships

PR Internship
A number of internships are available through the UR International Theatre Program. One of the most popular is our semester-long PR Internship. Theatre PR Interns help create all publicity materials for events in Todd Theatre or events sponsored by the Theatre Program, including drafting press releases, planning marketing campaigns, etc. They distribute publicity materials both on and off campus. Finally, PR Interns staff the box office during productions, interacting with the public and the theatre personnel. The PR Internship is an excellent way to get a hands on introduction to all the basic elements of public relations and marketing. You'll also interact with artists, directors, journalists and public relations professsionals as part of the internship. Interns should have good writing skills and be willing to work creatively. Skills in graphic design are a plus.

For a detailed outline of the internship, click here.

For a internship syllabus, click here (pdf format).

To apply to be a PR intern (or to find out about other internship opportunities), email Nigel, or stop by the Theatre Program offices (Todd 107).

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