Faculty Associate Research Grant Recipients Fall 2010 - Present


  • Sylvie Beaudette, Eastman School of Music, Chamber Music
    Beaufette received a grant to help cover costs related to her project "Unto Thee I Burn: Song Settings of e.e. cummings by North American Women Composers”
  • Elena Bellina, Eastman School of Music, Humanities
    Bellina's award covered costs to travel to the War and Life-Writing Conference at the University of Oxford to present "How I Saw a Corner of Africa; Life-Writing by Italian POWS in East Africa (1940-6)."
  • Valeria Sinclair-Chapman, Department of Political Science
    Sinclair-Chapman received a grant to cover travel costs to bring students from the Women of Color Circle and the Douglass Leadership House to the 2012 Seneca Falls Dialogues.
  • Nancy Chin, Public Health Sciences
    Chin was awarded funds for her research project "The Role of Gender in Community Trauma Recovery After a Natural Disaster."
  • Ralph Locke, Eastman School of Music, Musicology
    Funds were applied to Locke's participation in the joint meeting of the American Musicological Society, the Society for Music Theory, and the Society for Ethnomusicology in New Orleans, where he organized and chaired a session on Claude Debussy’s songs written for soprano Marie-Blanch Vasnier
  • Rachel Remmel, Eastman School of Music, Humanities
    This award helped cover costs for Remmel to travel to the Symposium of the Association of Historians of American Art in Boston to present “Women Creating Art Infrastructure in the 1870s and 1880s: The founding of the Cincinnati Art Museum.”


  • Elena Belina, Eastman School of Music, Humanities
    Award for research on “Gender and Cross-dressing Among Italian POW in British Camps in Africa (1941-1947).”
  • Nancy Chin, Community and Preventive Medicine
    Grant to cover costs for research of “Rapid Assessment of Tobacco Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices in the Leh, India.”
  • Douglas Crimp, Department of Art and Art History
    Funding for work on "Way Out on a Nut,” a chapter from BEFORE PICTURES.
  • Ralph Locke, Eastman School of Music, Musicology
    Award granted for research on the project "Music and the Exotic Other, 1500-1800: Some Methodological Considerations and Case Studies.”
  • Jean Pedersen, Department of History
    Pedersen's award will help cover expenses for her project “Imagining the Woman Worker: Politics, Philanthropy, and Fiction Under the Third Republic.”
  • A. Joan Saab, Art and Art History
    Grant awarded for research on “Radical Craft: Exhibiting Homelands in Rochester, NY.”


  • Douglas Crimp, Art History
    Received grant for research for project titled, "Our Kind of Movie: Essars on Andy Warhol's Films."
  • Rachel Haidu
    Traveled to Brussels to present her paper: "Le système des objets: film, feminism, and the domestication of the sign" at the French Theory: rèception dans les art visuels aux États-Unis entre 1965 et 1995 conference.
  • Cilas Kemedjio, Modern Languages and Cultures, Frederick Douglass Institute for African and African-American Studies
    Traveled to Université Laval, QC for his research project, "Maryse Condé and her Afro-centric Sisters: A Caribbean Reading of Afrocentricity."
  • Stephanie Li, English
    Traveled to present her paper, "The Gospel of Toni Morrison" at the Toni Morrison Society Conference held in Paris, France.
  • Greta Niu, English
    Traveled to present her paper "Video Games and Virtual Empire: Gender, Sexuality, and Asian Pacific America in The Guild" at the Association for Asian American Studies Annual Conference.


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