Department of Music

Department of Music


The Music Department enriches not only the educational experience of individual students, but the cultural climate of the River Campus as a whole. In any given year, as many as 30% of all students on campus take music classes or participate in its many ensembles.

The musical interests of these students are diverse, ranging from those learning to read music for the first time, to those who want to build a solid academic foundation for advanced studies in musicology, theory, conducting, management, performance, composition, or music education. A wide variety of non-technical courses address non-concentrators who wish to study music on an introductory, interdisciplinary, or aesthetic basis.

Many people wonder why there is a Music Department on the River Campus, in addition to the University's Eastman School of Music in downtown Rochester. Partly it is because most of the students in Music Department classes are majoring in disciplines other than, or in addition to, music. Also, the Music Department takes a liberal arts approach to music study, with a strong emphasis on research and writing in addition to actual performance. And it examines a broad range of non-traditional, non-Western musical expressions.

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