Program in Statistics


Introductory courses in applied statistics:

Each of these courses introduces the concepts, methods and applications of statistics, as applied in science, government and industry, with real-world examples, and an introduction to the use of computer-based statistical software.

The three courses are available to students and have no prerequisites, except STT 213 is at a slightly higher level.

STT 211 and STT 212 have a sequel, STT 216: Applied Statistics II.

The program also offers a mathematics-based sequence in statistical theory, STT 201 and STT 203, which are cross-listed with the Department of Mathematics.

Regression analysis, sampling techniques, multivariate statistics, and designs of experiments are taught in STT 226, STT 221W, STT 241, and STT 222 respectively.

Reading and research courses in advanced topics in statistics are also available and are taught together for both graduate and undergraduate students.

To see a complete list of statistics courses and current course schedules visit the CDCS.