Housed in the Department of Art and Art History, the graduate program in Visual and Cultural Studies (PhD program) offers an interdisciplinary doctoral degree drawing on coursework and faculty expertise in several University of Rochester humanities departments. Our students relate literary and cultural theory to visual culture. They also investigate the connections between cultural productions, critical theory, and society. As a result, many take additional courses in such departments as history, english, music, and philosophy.

The master’s degree program in Photographic Preservation and Collections Management (PPCM) is conducted jointly by the University of Rochester and George Eastman Museum, international museum of photography and film. Working and studying alongside experts in the field, our students master the care, preservation, and interpretation of photographs within a broader humanities context.

Graduate Advising

Visual and Cultural Studies (PhD Program)

Rachel Haidu (585) 275-4122

Photographic Preservation and Collections Management (MA Program)

Joan Saab (585) 275-7922