University of Rochester

Graduate Student Instructors in Visual & Cultural Studies


Spring 2013

AH 100 - Introduction to Visual and Cultural Studies

Schedule: MW 16:50 - 18:05, Morey 205

Credits: 4

Instructors: Burditt, R

The aim of this course is two-fold: First, to develop an understanding of the extraordinary variety of ways meaning is produced in visual culture; secondly, to enable students to analyze and describe the social, political and cultural effects of these meanings. By studying examples drawn from contemporary art, film, television, digital culture, and advertising we will learn techniques of analysis developed in response to specific media and also how to cross-pollinate techniques of analysis in order to gain greater understanding of the complexity of our visual world. Grades are based on response papers, class attendance and participation, and a midterm and a final paper. Occasional film screenings will be scheduled as necessary in the course of the semester.

Cross Listed: AH 100 (P), WST 123


AH 103 - Ways of Seeing: Drawing and Dance

Schedule: TR 16:50 - 18:05, Hutchinson 138

Credits: 4

Instructors: Graham, A

How do visual artists and choreographers map the moving body? How do dancers translate notation from page to stage? This course examines the historical relationship between drawing and dance, as well as movement and mark-making more broadly conceived. We will focus on drawings, diagrams, sculptures, dances, photographs, websites, films, and videos by 20th century and contemporary artists and choreographers as a means of exploring space, place, distance, and identity. Designed for anyone with an interest in interdisciplinary artistic practices, dance history, and visual culture.

Cross Listed: AH 103 (P), DAN 135, FMS 103