University of Rochester

Visual & Cultural Studies—Faculty

Faculty come together from various departments within the University to participate in the VCS Graduate Program.

Core Faculty

Janet Catherine Berlo
Professor of Art History/Visual and Cultural Studies | (585) 275-4168

Interests: critiques of museum representations of indigenous peoples; Native North American visual cultures (particular areas: Plains Indians graphic arts since 1850; Inuit Art; women's representational practices); American quilt history and nineteenth-century visual culture.

Douglas Crimp
Fanny Knapp Allen Professor of Art History
Professor of Visual and Cultural Studies | (585) 273-5622
518 Morey Hall
In residence fall semesters only

Interests: Contemporary art, criticism and theory; sexuality and representation.

Paul Duro
Professor of Art History/Visual and Cultural Studies | (585) 275-9262
522 Morey Hall

Interests: art institutions in France; history painting and hierarchy of genres; mimesis, postmodernism, and imitation; the visual in scientific discourses; borders, boundaries and frames in the constitution of the artwork; nineteenth-century Modernism; the pictorial sublime; the construction of the Baroque paradigm.

Robert Foster
Professor of Anthropology | (585) 275-8741
445 Lattimore Hall

Interests: social theory, nationalism, globalization, mass consumption, mass media, commodity networks, material culture.

Rachel Haidu
Associate Professor of Art History | (585) 275-4112
520 Morey Hall

Interests: Postwar American and European Art, History of Photography

John Michael
Professor of English/Visual and Cultural Studies | (585) 275-4974
417 Morey Hall

Interests: nineteenth- and twentieth-century American literature, critical theory, and cultural studies; problematics of national identities in American literature and culture; contemporary relations between academic intellectuals and democratic politics; the complex interrelations between the reading of literature, the demands of ethics, and the problems of historical knowledge

Eleana Kim
Assistant Professor of Anthropology | (585) 275-8748
436 Lattimore


A. Joan Saab
Associate Professor of Art History/Visual and Cultural Studies
Chair, Department of Art & Art History - On leave Spring 2013 | (585) 275-7922

Interests: twentieth-century American cultural history, media and culture, urban and community studies; popular culture; cultural studies; aesthetic categories and values

Sharon Willis
Professor of Art History and Visual and Cultural Studies | (585) 273-5621
517 Morey Hall

Interests: feminist theory, film theory and visual analysis, cultural studies, modern French literature and literary theory.

Affiliated Faculty

Joanne Bernardi
Associate Professor of Japanese and Film| (585) 275-7379
Lattimore 409

Interests: Japanese and silent cinema; contemporary Japanese culture, particularly twentieth-century visual culture; photography, animation, graphic novels.

Joel Burges
Assistant Professor of English| (585) 275-2694
513 Morey Hall


Jennifer Creech
Assistant Professor of German | (585) 275-4273

Interests: 20th-century German literature, film and culture; cinema studies; Marxist and feminist theories; women’s literature; ideology and utopia

Susan E. Gustafson
Professor of German | (585) 275-6949
538 Lattimore Hall

Interests: eighteenth- to twentieth-century German literature and aesthetics; autobiography; contemporary German women writers; comparative literary projects; gender; feminism; psychoanalysis; narrative; horror fiction.

Thomas Hahn
Professor of English | (585) 275-5664
503A Morey Hall

Interests: Medieval literature and culture; gender studies; popular culture and media

June Hwang
Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Cultures | (585) 275-4197
429 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Early twentieth-century literature and film with an emphasis on German Jewish topics and her teaching and research interests include urban spaces, modernity, film theory, and critical theory.

Rosemary Kegl
Associate Professor of English | (585) 275-9263
415 Morey Hall

Interests: sixteenth and seventeenth-century English literature; contemporary marxist and feminist theory; theatrical practices, charisma, and the gendering of intellectual activity in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; the role of Shakespeare in early modern and contemporary definitions of intellectual activity; and the relationships among intellectuals, institutional politics, and larger social struggles.

Eleana J Kim
Assistant Professor of Anthropology | (585) 275-8740
419 Lattimore Hall


Bette London
Assistant Professor of English | (585) 275-3510
306 Morey Hall

Interests: 20th-century British literature; Victorian literature and culture; feminist theory; women's writing.

Jason Middleton
Assistant Professor of English/Film and Media Studies /585-273-5014
515 Morey Hall

Interests: Documentary Film, Film Genres, Popular Music and Music Video

John Osburg
Assistant Professor of Anthropology| (585) 273-3329
434 Lattimore Hall


Daniel Reichman
Assistant Professor of Anthropology| (585) 275-8737
439 Lattimore Hall


William Schaefer
Assistant Professor of Chinese| (585) 275-2235
407 Lattimore Hall


Timothy Scheie
Associate Professor of French, Department of Humanities, Eastman School of Music | (585) 274-1612
26 Gibbs Street, Room ET 413

Interests: French theater and literature, performance theory, music and literature, American theater, film, and language instruction.

Grace Seiberling
Associate Professor of Art History
Undergraduate Advisor for Art History | (585) 275-4169
523 Morey Hall

Interests: nineteenth-century painting and photography, especially Impressionism; early British photography; museums.

Jeffrey Tucker
Assistant Professor of English | (585) 275-2064
404 Morey Hall

Interests: African-American literature, 20th-century American literature, science fiction.

Victoria Wolcott
Associate Professor of History | (585) 275-4756
449 Rush Rhees Library

Interests: African-American history; urban history; Post-1945; women's history; popular culture.