The objects and images I make tap the familiar.  They are constructed primarily of found materials or objects that are reworked and combined through a variety of transformative activities.  They have associations that are sometimes transparent – wheels, hanging devices, etc. – that point directly to stasis, stability or mobility. Other associations are ephemeral and imbedded; they are often nearly consumed in the process of making but maintain vestiges of the objects’ former function. In striving to recognize an object, which seemingly has all the visual qualities of a real world object, viewers are forced to call up associative memories – to peruse mental inventories of the experiences that constitute their histories. All our performed experiences and imagined times (past or future) are inextricably linked to the objects and spaces that comprise our environment. My art is both the transformed material evidence of my past and a surrogate for the missing. I draw on images, objects, and memories to form reliquaries of unconscious associations.

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