University of Rochester

Off-Campus Programs

Art New York

The Art New York program offers students the chance to work and study in New York City. It places students in a gallery, museum, or similar art institution with the aim of fostering an understanding of how art is produced, collected, curated, written about, displayed, or otherwise presented. The program also presents a colloquium directed by a member of the University of Rochester faculty, and offers, in collaboration with the contemporary art institute, Harvestworks, an elective course in arts and the visual media. Art New York attracts those who are studying to become artists and critics, museum and gallery professionals, art managers, and those who wish to enhance their knowledge of the world of contemporary art and culture with first-hand experience.


For students of art history and studio art, internships provide an excellent way to gain practical experience with works of art and the art world. Internships and other special programs are available at local institutions such as the Memorial Art Gallery, the Strong Museum and the George Eastman House; in New York City through the Art New York program; and in Europe through the European Arts Internship program.

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Study Abroad

Study abroad is encouraged for majors and minors in art history and studio arts. The Center for Study Abroad and Interdepartmental Programs provides an online handbook on opportunities for study in many countries around the world and information on how to choose a program, to apply, to finance your studies, and to plan for the experience of living abroad.