Education Abroad

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Humanities Majors and Minors


Students will find a great diversity of humanities courses overseas, more than are normally available on a typical American campus. These programs are designed to immerse students in the literatures, arts, and religions of many cultures. Nearly all UR-sponsored programs offer courses in the humanities. Students have received approval to take one course while abroad towards a cluster.

What can you experience abroad that you can’t study at UR?

Most programs feature regular field trips to historic sites and museums of all kinds. If you have already traveled, you know that looking at slides of the frescoes and sculpture of Italy in a classroom is a very different learning experience from visiting museums in Tuscany with an art historian. Reading the Romantic poets in a UR classroom is not the same as doing so on a field trip to Britain’s Lake Country. Students will also have access to courses that aren’t offered at UR (Art and Architecture of Cairo, Latin American theater in Buenos Aires).