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Faculty-Led Program Grant

The Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), of which the University of Rochester is an affiliate institution, is offering a grant for a summer 2019 customized, faculty-led program. 

If you have been considering creating a short-term, faculty-led program abroad, this is a ideal opportunity, especially for students who may not otherwise consider studying abroad, such as STEM majors or first-generation college students.

Faculty-led programs offer you the opportunity to create and teach a course abroad. You can add a cultural component to something you are already teaching or research you are already doing, or create a new course. Your students can learn outside the classroom or engage in a hands-on experience they may not be able to get on campus.

Imagine being in Northern Ireland teaching a course on peace and conflict, or in Botswana discussing sustainability. The world is your classroom. You can be creative and think about how to deliver a course in a new way, watch students experience the world from a different perspective, learn about another culture, make lifelong connections with people abroad, and maybe even learn a new language.  

Faculty-led courses and programs can be designed for students with no prior experience in the subject, thereby increasing interest. Likewise, students with prior experience can learn about the topic from a new perspective and serve as mentors. 


  • Application deadline: April 5 (Proposal submissions begin February 2018 for programs in 2019)
  • Program length: Minimum two weeks
  • Minimum number of participants: 10
  • Program location: Any CIEE site 

See the CIEE site or email Heidi Kozireski at for more information.

Note: All international study, work, and travel arranged by Arts, Sciences and Engineering faculty or staff for undergraduates in the College must first receive approval from the College Deans' Office. Faculty and staff proposing new programs should begin their planning 12 to 15 months prior to their desired departure date. Learn more about proposing a program.