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Summer Programs

Not quite sure if you would like to spend a full semester abroad? A summer program is a great way to get just a taste of study abroad. Summer programs are also a good option if you are not able to fit semester or academic year study abroad in to your specific program. You may participate in a summer program as early as the summer following your first year.

Summer Study Abroad Options

African & African-American Studies:

American Sign Language Program:

Archaeology, Technology, and Historical Structures:

Center for Education Abroad:

Department of Anthropology:

Department of Modern Languages and Cultures:

  • Ecuador
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Korea 
  • Spain
  • Russia

Department of Religion and Classics:

Internships in Europe Program:

  • Bonn, Germany
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • London, United Kingdom

Public Health-Related Programs:

Contact Professor Nancy Chin for details.

Skalny Center:

More Information

To research programs sponsored by other colleges and universities, visit the Center for Education Abroad Office, schedule a meeting with a peer advisor, or visit the Education Abroad Portal. Application deadlines for summer programs vary, but typically they are in February or March.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is limited for summer programs. Normal university scholarships and grants are not available. However, the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures offers the Burton Fellowship, which is for students pursuing summer language study overseas. Also, the Boren Scholarship, a federally funded program, is available for U.S. citizens who wish to study in certain non-western countries. In addition, some study abroad programs offer their own scholarships.