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African & African American Studies (BA) Epidemiology (BA)
American Sign Language (BA) Film & Media Studies (BA)
American Studies (BA) French (BA)
Anthropology (BA) Geomechanics (BS)
Archaeology, Technology & Historical Structures (BA) German (BA)
Art History (BA) Health, Behavior, & Society (BA)
Audio and Music Engineering (BS) Health Policy (BA)
Bioethics (BA) History (BA)
Biological Sciences (BS) with specialties in: Interdepartmental Studies (BA)
Biochemistry International Relations (BA)
Cell & Developmental Biology Japanese (BA)
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Linguistics (BA)
Microbiology Mathematics:
Molecular Genetics Applied Mathematics (BS)
Neuroscience Mathematics (BA, BS)
Biology (BA) Mathematics-Statistics (BA)
Biomedical Engineering (BS) Mechanical Engineering (BS)
Brain & Cognitive Sciences (BA, BS) Music (BA)
Business (BA, BS) (The Bachelor of Music (BM) degree is
Chemical Engineering (BS) offered by the Eastman School of Music.)
Chemistry (BA, BS) Optical Engineering (BS)
Classics (BA) Optics (BS)
Comparative Literature (BA) Philosophy (BA)
Computer Science (BA, BS) Physics (BA, BS)
Digital Media Studies (BA) Physics & Astronomy (BA, BS)
Earth & Environmental Sciences: Political Science (BA)
Environmental Science (BS) Psychology (BA)
Environmental Studies (BA) Public Health-related Programs:
Geological Sciences (BA) Bioethics (BA)
Geological Sciences (BS) Environmental Health (BS)
Geomechanics (BS) Epidemiology (BA)
East Asian Studies (BA) Health, Behavior, & Society (BA)
Economics: Health Policy (BA)
Economics (BA) Religion (BA)
Financial Economics (BA) Russian (BA)
Electrical & Computer Engineering (BS) Russian Studies (BA)
Engineering & Applied Sciences (BS) Spanish (BA)
Engineering Science (BA) Statistics (BA)
English (BA) Studio Arts (BA)
Environmental Health (BS) Women's Studies (BA)

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African & African American Studies Latin-American Studies
American Sign Language Legal Studies
American Studies Linguistics
Anthropology Materials Science
Arabic Mathematics
Archaeology, Technology & Historical Structures Mechanical Engineering
Art History Medical Anthropology
Astronomy Medieval and Early Modern Studies
Audio and Music Engineering Movement Studies
Bioethics Music
Biology Music Cognition
Biomedical Engineering Music & Linguistics
Brain & Cognitive Sciences Optics
Business Philosophy:
Chemical Engineering Ethics
Chemistry History of Philosophy
Chinese Philosophy
Classics Philosophy of Science
Comparative Literature Physics
Computer Science Political Science
Creative Writing Psychology:
Dance Clinical Psychology
East Asian Studies Health Psychology
Economics Organizational Psychology
Electrical & Computer Engineering Psychology
English Literature Psychology as a Natural Science
Environmental Engineering Psychology as a Social Science
Environmental Geology Social & Emotional Development
Epidemiology Public Health-related Programs:
Film & Media Studies Bioethics
French Epidemiology
Geological Sciences Health, Behavior, & Society
German Health Policy
Greek Religion
Health, Behavior, & Society Research in Visual Science
Health Policy Russian
Hebrew Russian Studies
History Spanish
Interdepartmental Studies Statistics
International Relations Studio Arts
Italian Sustainability
Japanese Theater
Jewish Studies Visual Science
Journalism Women's Studies

Certificate programs may be taken independently of majors and minors. They are meant to supplement a student's chosen area of study and to formalize into a coherent whole courses taken outside the area of major. Most certificate programs are interdepartmental in nature. Note also the Citation that is listed here.

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Actuarial Studies Literary Translation Studies
Asian Studies Mathematical Modeling in Pol Sci/Econ
Biophysics Medphysics
Biotechnology Polish & Central European Studies
Citation-Achievement in College Leadership Stage Management