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Congratulations…Your reunion is this year!

Since the Fall of 2000, our alumni, parents, students, and friends have been enjoying Meliora Weekend at the University of Rochester. Meliora Weekend is a phenomenal four days in October made up of over 150 very special events. This extraordinary showcase of the best UR has to offer draws up to 7,000 people to campus and can only be fully apreciated by experiencing it firsthand.    

A big part of Meliora Weekend is dedicated to classes celebrating milestone reunions.  From the 5th to the 70th Reunion, hundreds of our alumni are reaching out to their classmates and coming back to reminisce about wonderful times shared as students, reconnect with great friends, make new ones and rediscover all   that is new with their alma mater.  It truly is a magical weekend that exceeds expectations!

We hope you will reach out to your friends and plan on being a special part of this incredible event this year.  Please take this opportunity to search through the rest of the site to find out more and add your name to the excitement.

Hope to see you there!

bergman Nomi Bergman drezner Noah Drezner
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Nomi (Miron) Bergman '85
2015 National Reunion Chair
Member, Board of Trustees

Noah Drezner Ph.D. '00
2015 National Reunion Vice-Chair
Member, Alumni National Council