Hi ’54 Classmates and spouses!

Are you able to attend our 60th reunion???  Can one of your children bring you???  We know you will try.  Our class has always had from 50-80% attendance at these five-year affairs.

We’re planning to start at the Whipple Banquet on Thursday, October 16,  continuing with the Class feast at Oak Hill on Saturday, 10/18, and ending with dinner at the Rochester Academy of Medicine on Monday, 10/20 with other interesting activities and naps inter-dispersed - PRN.

See if a classmate or spouse can accommodate you at their home to save money and enjoy the camaraderie.  If not, stay at the Strathallen so the U of R bus can take you to all the weekend activities.  For our extended activities concierge classmates can pick you up there!

We are looking forward to the last hurrah! – Maybe  

Make your plans now and mark your calendar.  We’ll try our darnedest to get together with everyone.

Signed, The Greatest Generation!!!!!


Click here to listen to a message from Dave Kluge and Neil McNabb!