Class Memories

Class shows, friendships with the people in both my classes.

- Barry Hoffer

Receiving my acceptance on
CHRISTMAS EVE! Outstanding faculty esp. Drs. Goldstein, Duthie, and Charles Sherman. Of course squash saved many a day

- Lawrence Brown

Favorite/??Vivid Memories: Early friendship with Bob Patton and his wife during that difficlut first year; being terified that Dean Orbison would call on me in the intro to General Pathology (he did); rooming with David Park and later Bob Betts; ranking high on the squash ladder and enjoying the basketball games; my marriage to my wife in January of my 4th year.

- David W. Bentley

Third-year medical seminars with George Engel.

- Charles Parkins

Wonderful dinners at the the home of David and Marjorie and learning how to be a mensch from Laurel Halstead.

- Brian Schnier

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