Class Memories

Studying with friends in the MDLs and playing in the band for the 4th year play are some of things I remember fondly.

- Martha David

Thoughts of friendships with Kristina, Val, Bill, Jim, Paul and Gwen bring nice thoughts. Early married life and the birth of my son... RGH MICU (where I probably learned the most).

- Jeffrey Junig

Late nights in gross anatomy lab. Seeing everyone knitting in class. Sailing on Lake Ontario with Dr. Philip Rubin.

- Immanuel Ho

Running with Chris and Steve. 4th year class play and re-creation of Club Med. Intramural and summer soccer. Cornell vs Harvard hockey and football games.

- David Propp

Greg Freund, Paul Cialone, Steve Hanks and I made a video for the first year play‚Ä"does anyone have a copy?
My first year hall mates and second year housemates.
Reading House of God where I learned to ‚Äútake your own pulse‚ÄĚ when stressed.
Spending a rotation with the Indian Health Service in Navajo Nation.
Time away pursuing a degree in history of science and working on public health policy.

- Stephen Bloch

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