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Class Memories

Class of 1946 & 1951

Many classmates and professors, Dr. GH Whipple

- Sibert Douglas

Class of 1961

1. My summer fellowship with Dr. Robert McCormack
2. Learning to ask: "And then what?"

- Paul Helmut Kindling

Friday and Sat. nights at the bunglow in med school, rounding with the greats of Rochester Medicine, Young, Mahoney, Bradford, McCormick,Forbes, etc

- Brett Gutsche

Hello to my fellow classmates. After medical school, I had a 1 year internship and a 1 year general surgery residency at Upstate Medical Center in preparation for a planned orthopedic residency. After rotating onto the Neurosurgical Service, I found my second true love and became a resident in Neurosurgery (after a 2 year Berry Plan detour in the Air Force in Texas).
I have since worked in Santa Cruz, CA, as a neurosurgeon, and am fortunate to be able to continue to work in a field that has been challenging and rewarding to me. I presently am with the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, working 3 days a week. I no longer do cranial surgery (I leave that to younger surgeons) but do continue with spine and peripheral nerve surgery.
My wife has managed to put up with me for the past 53 years, and we remain happily married, with five children and ten grand-children.
We are sorry to miss our 50th reunion and I hope you have as fond memories of our training years as we do. Our fondest memories are of the people who made that journey with us. Art Jacobs was a great support to me in my first year. After marriage in my second year we remember living at University Terrace, and on the weekend, going to shop in Thelma and Marshall Atwell�s car with Dave and Carol (Nadelson) Shander, and with John and Barbara Taggett. We remember going boating with Ted and Sue Ford, and borrowing camping tents from Tom Tuttle (who taught me how to fly cast on the lawn in front of our apartments). I remember Larry Moncour and Ron Smith trying to teach this Buffalo boy how to sit on the ground �on your haunches� " never could!
They were good years for all of us.

- Charles J. Scibetta

When Mike Kaplan and I decided to take a Mexican vacation after 3rd year his idea of dividing the linguistic challenge was: "You learn the words, I'll learn the numbers." Thanks, Mike! You made me develop a talent I didn't know I had, and it became a hobby that paid lifelong dividends.

- Gerald Metz

My dear classmates

- Mark Levy

Research with Dr. Wilbur Smith Studying giant axon with Ed Gasteiger

- Jasper Daube

Nights at the Bungalow. Getting married, Having 1st child

- Howard Gordon

The party we had when we obtained our med. instruments. Numerous parties we had with our fellow classmates and our faculty at the U of R. The care, kindness and encouragement from the faculty. The "Relaxed Atmospher at the Med School" knowing we weren't competing with each other and always could talk with each other as friends and classmates, not as competators. Our internship party. The time we and our wives spent with each other in various gatherings, often organized on the spur of the minute. Drinking Beer and playing Board at the bar at the end of Crittenden Blvd.

- Brett Gutsche, MD

Excellent group; we supported each other and became close.

- Marshall Atwell

The adventures of being one of 2 women (most of the time) in the class and the only woman intern in medicine; not having facilities for women students so that we slept in labor rooms, ER beds until I finally got the courage to sleep in the doctors on call room and creat being there

- Carol Nadelson

MY personal realization that I was to become a doctor, and convincing family and friends that I was to become a real doctor.

- Richard Rubinson

Anatomy - with Bob Caldwell, Dick Isay, Judy Hood, and George Kennedy

- Robert Schwartz

Class of 1971

1. Powerful memory of Day 1, Gross Anatomy Class: Dr. Tobin barked sternly at me because I wasn't wearing a tie. That was the last day for that dress code. I've worn a tie daily since Day 2 of my career.
2. I made a number of very positive personal connections with faculty, classmates and house officers, people who took an interest in me, what I was all about, what I was accomplishing. That helped me keep going. I felt successful by the time medical school ended.

- Marc Frader

I think of how important everything was during those years, a function of our ages, developmental stage, and, in general, the newness of what we were experiencing. All the people in our class, and around the school, are etched in my mind in a vivid way. (I even remember the combination to my mailbox, for crying out loud!)

Assorted memories that are important to me, amongst so many: the political/social upheavals and protests that so characterized those years, and in which I participated with such ardor; Gene Borkan singing "Daydream Believer" one evening in Anatomy Lab (stands out, for some reason); Irv, his snack bar, and all the goings-on there (e.g., Norm Estin doing NYTimes crossword puzzles); time at the squash courts, and Yoshi Akabane's breathtaking skills there; and all the members of our class, however much or little we might have seemed to have had in common at the time; and, of course, many of our faculty members who influenced me in varying ways, and to varying degrees.

- David Sperber

Memories! Who remembers these days?
Classmates who are still friends.
Bob Berg, Bill Hall, Neal Boswell.
Saturday morning resident rounds and the day Dr. Morgan met the hospitalized magician.

- John Little

- Edward Evans

Dr. Geoge Engel's "Boot-electives" which I felt lucky to take. I remember so often the other women in our class--Susan, Oxsanna, Ginny and Nina who left

- Ruth Evans

Dr. Tobin's wonderful mentorship of the anatomy lab

Artie Schlosser's great sense of humor, in too many instances to recount

The pleasure of having a lecture by Dr. Whipple, even at his very great age

Writing the senior class skit with Alan Leff

Tutorials by Dr. John Vaughn in immunology

- Robert Lewis

Time in Lab with Peter Allen and time on wards at Rochester.

- Charles Helms

Living with classmates in Rush.

- Daniel Kraus

Class of 1981

There are a tremendous number of fond memories, but few more important than those of being in the company of my fellow classmates. How fun it would be return as we were for just one more day.

- Thomas Foels

"There is no school of Dentistry!"
My ISP partners

- Ilana Seligman

- Ilana Seligman

Running with Mikey in the cemetery, Trying not to let Sam make me crazy in Anatomy lab, having my first child, learning that I loved psychiatry in spite of the psych classes, falling in love with Jonathon Chilten (sorry, Ellen), running the Liver Rounds for 3 years, organizing a spaghetti dinner for 80 (anyone remember that?), co-directing the 4th year play (What we did for love...). Strange how unpleasant memories recede and warm ones proceed.

- John Bridges

The "Back Row Boys" - especially the offshoot business, "Bogus Boys Painters". Pat Farrell, Jay, Amster, Rob Herbsman and I spent a great summer painting houses together.

- William Kuzon

2001--- the movie!

- Henry Rose

Anatomy Lab, PBL's, great friends, class plays, yearbook staff, University Park

- Linda Brodell

Running in the snow with Cunningham.
Getting to know my advisor - Art Bauman.

- Thomas Tesoriero

the class play, Don and Bob's frozen custard, Rochester Philharmonic concerts, playing squash badly but having fun, going out to the discos

- susan thomas

"Paging Dr Goldstein. Dr Barry J Goldstein"

- Barry Goldstein

Emergency Department rotation at Rochester General, Dr Thomas McMeekin

- Anthony Mattis

class plays, years 2 and 4

- Leonard Weinstock

Cross country skiing with friends at Mendon Ponds Park

- Deborah Geer

4th year class play - I finally got back to music. Dr. Paul Yu advising me to forget high stress specialties and suggesting I talk with Dr. John Frazer. Playing tennis during psychiatry with John Farrar. Hanging with John Urbanowicz.

- Steven Levine

Squash, camping, 4th year electives and research experience

- Mark Milner

Class of 1986

Anatomy lab with Tracy,Adam and ?. Class plays including & "microbio time"; "boogie in the butt"; and Dolores Bacon singing...

- Michael Panosian

Anatomy, history meetings,our class plays,softball, Studio 32,house on Congress Ave, the Elmwood Inn,many friendships.

- Ralph Lanza

The people I studied and socialized with - Cathy Battaglia, Donna LaLiberte- O'Shea, Christine Borghi, Betsy delaHunta , Harry Klein and especially the school plays.

- Clare Colombo

Wings at the Elmwood; History meetings at the School of Nursing;Getting married; Great roommates!;Lilacs; Beers at the Distillery; Unbelievable amount of snow for a California kid; Developing bed availability software for the hospital

- Tom Barber

Lilac Festival, snow up to our second floor window

- caryn hertz

Gross anatomy. Learning all that physiology. Getting the biopsychosocial model drilled into us. "How was that for YOU?" The skits. Dr. Luria in the ER.

- Thomas Davis

friendships, new educational experiences every day, Goler House, University Park, independence, milkshakes, road trips

- Elizabeth Edwardsen

Running on the canal.

- Matthew Davis

Old friendships; class plays; getting married

- Harry Klein

Rotating dinners at our house (Laura Stone and I were housemates) during our psychiatry rotation in the dead of winter, the buffalo wings at the "Smokewood", anatomy class-I liked it a lot despite the odor of formaldehyde, the wonderful Dr. Jules Cohen and Dr. Ralph Josefowicz, among others.

- Maria Pia De Girolamo

Anatomy lab, studying in the "MDLs" and playing penny hockey in the wheeled chairs. In true UR fashion, those chairs are still around!

- Anne Brayer

meeting my wife, parties at the Ierardi/Smith/Walter residence, other friends, and Dr. William Morgan

- Michael O'Shea

parties at the Ierardi/Smith/Walter residence, Anatomy class and my dissection partners, and the senior play

- Donna O'Shea

Class of 1991

Meeting Brian! Class plays! Friends! Snow!

- Mimi Benjamin

The class plays, delivering babies, the many diverse and talented classmates I had.

- Glenn Kaye

meeting Betsy and playing late night inner tube water polo

- John Cox

Wonderful memories throughout with great classmates 4th year play

- Patrick O'Malley

Face the pie

- Karen Johnston

Spending time with friends.

- Daniel Turner

Class of 2001

- Isca Wilms

- Christopher Wilms

Down time at 108 Blair and 390 Oxford

- Christopher Tatro

Playing guitar in front of the whole class in the first week of medical school in order to be elected class president. Studying at Wegmans... who does that? Daily basketball at lunch time.

- Jeff Berger

I don't know about favorite...But the most memorable would be our time spent in the anatomy lab.

- Marianne Sidhom

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