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The Office of Alumni Relations provides a number of opportunities for you to volunteer and invest back into the University by lending your time and expertise.

Career Mentors

Career Mentors

University of Rochester alumni frequently give back to the UR community through mentorship, advice and advocacy for UR students. There are a variety of ways this can be done, ranging from attendance at programs to referring candidates for positions within your organization.

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Email if you have interest in the following:

  • Plan and execute an event for alumni in your city
  • Staff an alumni event

Lifelong Learning Advisory Council

Lifelong Learning

The Lifelong Learning Advisory Council is comprised of senior alumni volunteers.

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Reunion Committee

Classmates are planning ways to make Reunion a special event. Are you interested in helping too? Volunteer to reach out to classmates, develop your class programs and events, and be part of your class gift campaign. Email for more info.

Student Alumni Ambassadors (SAAs)

Student Alumni Ambassadors

SAAs are positive, responsible, and enthusiastic students that represent their fellow student body within the alumni community. If you enjoy meeting new people, expanding your personal and professional networks, and want to develop leadership skills, we encourage you to apply.

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UR Involved

UR Involved

Nearly 1,500 volunteers support the University’s Office of Admissions through its UR Involved program by assisting in recruiting and evaluating prospective students.

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Young Alumni Council (YAC)


The Young Alumni Council was formed to help keep Rochester’s recent alumni engaged, connected and involved.

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