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Young Alumni Council

Young Alumni Council (YAC)

There are more than 10,000 young alumni of the College, graduates from the last decade. We also have many opportunities to help each other, both professionally and personally, and to offer guidance to today's undergraduates.

The YAC was formed in 2004 to cultivate alumni connectivity during the first 10 years after graduation, a critical period for establishing a strong College-alumni relationship.

At the heart of the YAC are its members, with representatives from the ten most recently graduated classes. These volunteers develop initiatives and activities that the Office of Alumni Relations staff works to implement.

This council aims to encourage participation among the College’s newest alumni. We strive to increase young alumni attendance at regional events, improve class reunion turnout, and increase the number of young alumni volunteering with the University. The Council sponsors successful young alumni regional events in major cities like Boston, Washington, D.C., New York City, and Rochester to increase the number of social and professional networking opportunities available to us.

Every year the YAC accepts nominations for membership from graduating students and eligible alumni. If you are interested in participating or know someone who would be an asset to the YAC, please contact Lauren Bradley '11W (MS) from the Office of Alumni Relations.

Best regards and Meliora!

Dana Mittelman ’05 / Eric Weissmann ’10, Young Alumni Council Co-chairs

Overview of the Young Alumni Council

The Young Alumni Council is comprised of 20 to 30 members selected by the Office of Alumni Relations from the ten most recently graduated classes. YAC members serve a two-year term. In rare cases, an individual may be asked to serve an additional term. Two YAC members selected by the Office of Alumni Relations serve a two-year term as co-chairs.

Responsibilities of Council members include:

Please contact Lauren Bradley '11W (MS), Assistant Director, Alumni Relations-Engagement at should you have questions about the Young Alumni Council or young alumni programming.