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Undergraduate Program

BA Requirements

The BA program is designed for students who have a strong interest in another discipline and wish to pursue their studies in that discipline as well as in business.

The BA degree in business consists of eleven courses with a calculus prerequisite. The major satisfies the social sciences division of the Rochester curriculum, and students must meet prerequisites and/or co-requisites for individual courses.

Requirements a BA in business:

  • Prerequisite in calculus (AP/IB credit is acceptable)
  • Core set of eight required courses
  • Three courses chosen from the approved elective list
  • Must complete a second major (either a BA, BM, or BS degree)

Completing the required coursework above satisfies the College’s upper-level writing requirement.


One of the following calculus sequences or its equivalent:

  • MTH 141–143
  • MTH 161–162
  • MTH 171–172


All of the following courses are required:

  • One statistics course
    • Suggested courses: ECO 230, STT 213, MTH 203, STT 211, STT 212, STT 216, PSY/CSP 211, PSC 200, and PSC 201
  • ECO 108: Principles of Economics (F/S)*
  • ECO 207: Intermediate Microeconomics (F/S)
  • ACC 201: Financial Accounting (F/S)
  • FIN 204: Principles of Finance (F/S)**
  • MKT 203/MKT 203W: Principles of Marketing (F/S)
  • Either, GBA 220 Business Information Systems (F) or GBA 221 Operations and Strategy (S)
  • STR 203/ECO 214/STR 203/ECO 214W: Economic Theory of Organization (F/S)

*Students who received AP or IB credit for ECO 108 must take one additional higher-level ECO course.
** FIN 205 may substitute


Choose three of the following courses:

  • ACC 221: Managerial Accounting (S)
  • ACC 222: Financial Statement Analysis (S)
  • ACC 224: Intermediate Accounting I (F)
  • ACC 225: Intermediate Accounting II (S)
  • ACC 226: Auditing (S)
  • ACC 227: Individual Income Tax (F)
  • ACC 228: Corporate, Gift and Estate Tax (S)
  • CIS 191: Introduction to Programming for Business Analytics (S)
  • ECO 209: Intermediate Macroeconomics (F/S)
  • ENT 223: Planning and Growing Business Ventures (F/S)
  • ENT 225: Technical Entrepreneurship (S)
  • ENT 227: Fundamentals of Social Entrepreneurship (S)
  • FIN 206: Investments (S)
  • FIN 213: Corporate Finance (F)
  • FIN 233: Cases in Finance (S)
  • FIN 241: Real Estate Principles (S)
  • FIN 242: International Finance (S)
  • GBA 211: Business Modeling Using Excel (S)
  • GBA 220: Business information Systems and Analytics (if GBA 221W is taken in the core) (F)
  • GBA 221: Operations and Strategy (if GBA 220W is taken in the core) (S)
  • GBA 241: Business Ethics (S)
  • LAW 205: Business Law (F/S)
  • MKT 212: Marketing Research and Analytics (F)
  • MKT 213: Marketing Projects and Cases (F/S)
  • MKT 233: Advertising and Social Media (S)
  • MKT 235: Product and Brand Management (F)
  • PSC 238: Business and Politics (F)
  • PSC 244: Politics and Markets (F)
  • STR 241/STR 241/ECO 241/ECO 241W: Pricing Strategy (F)

Students in the class of 2017 have the option to complete the previous BA requirements.

Sample Program (PDF)