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Undergraduate Program

BS Requirements

The BS program is best for students interested in studying a business discipline in greater depth. If you have questions about or want to enroll in the undergraduate business program, please contact us to schedule an appointment or visit during walk-in hours.


One of the following calculus sequences or its equivalent:

  • MTH 141–143
  • MTH 161–162
  • MTH 171–172


All of the following courses are required:

  • One statistics course*
  • ECO 108: Principles of Economics (F/S)*
  • ECO 207: Intermediate Microeconomics (F/S)
  • ACC 201: Financial Accounting (F/S)
  • FIN 204: Principles of Finance (F/S) (for non-finance focused students) or FIN 205: Financial Management (F/S) (for finance focused students)
  • GBA 220: Business Information Systems and Analytics (F/S)
  • GBA 221: Operations and Strategy (F/S)
  • MKT 203: Principles of Marketing (F/S)
  • STR 203/ECO 214: Economic Theory of Organization (F/S)

*Students who received AP or IB credit for ECO 108 must take one additional higher-level ECO course.

More Information

For more information and advising on the BS degree in business email Hillary Tatar.