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Undergraduate Advising

Advising Weeks Program

Peer advisingFall 2020—November 9th - December 10th

Each semester, leading up to registration, a number of special events are held so that students can meet with faculty, learn about academic opportunities, and prepare for registration.

Students are encouraged to:

    • Visit academic department websites to learn of any special programs of interest
    • Attend department advising office hours.
    • Consult the Authorized Approval list to learn about faculty in each department who are available to answer your questions
    • Meet with your College Advisor, a Department Advisor, and/or an academic advisor in the College Center for Advising Services
    • Review information on this website and in the training cards for UR Student 
    • Create and save your spring course schedule in UR Student
    • Meet with Advisors, Peer Advisors and/or First-Year Fellows to further discuss academic plans and connect to academic resources.

    Sophomores, you are expected to formally declare your major during the spring semester.  We ask you to review the steps to declare your major during this time. Please visit the link to learn more about the steps to declare your major and contact the College Center for Advising Services if you need any assistance.

Students can find more information about the new UR Student system on the following pages:

Advising Week by Academic Year


What is important about Advising Weeks for first-years?

  • Get curious:
  • Talk to people:
    • Connect with your College advisor by email or Zoom (reach out to them if they haven't emailed you)
    • Hajim students should meet with your Faculty advisors and Undergraduate Coordinators to discuss course selections, and with your College Advisors about anything else on your mind.
    • Work with peer advisors, and/or department advisors and ask for advice about classes for next semester

What is important about Advising Weeks for sophomores?


What is important about Advising Weeks for juniors?


What is important about Advising Weeks for seniors?

  • Prepare for graduation: Watch for messaging from the Registrar’s Office this month concerning the status of your degree requirements.  You will continue to receive updates from the Registrar’s Office through the spring 2021 semester.
  • Schedule an appointment with your faculty advisor if you have any questions about your major or minor
  • If you have additional academic questions, contact CCAS or schedule a Zoom appointment with an academic advisor.

Registration Information

Registration for the spring 2021 semester opens on Monday, December 7.

See the complete registration schedule here.

Design Your Rochester 2.0

Thinking about registration, next semester and want to make more informed decisions about what to try next? Participate in “Design Your Rochester 2.0”!
No matter where you're located, engage this short (5 minute-ish) asynchronous program anytime before you register for Spring classes, during registration week or even over the winter break. To get started, click "register" and then "join event" by logging into Handshake here- then follow the google slide deck instructions which includes a short video message with some tips from your peers. This activity is designed to help you think about what you were able to try and ideate with others on ways to get curious, talk to people, and try stuff out next semester!
Once you're done, feel free to connect with your peers, college advisor, and/or a Greene Center career advisor to continue brainstorming to maximize and design your UR experience!