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Advising Handbook


Transferring to the University of Rochester

Transfer students from other colleges and universities must satisfy all requirements for graduation. There is a special cluster provision created for transfer students to help them meet these requirements. Academic advisors are available to assist transfers with their concerns. 

All students transferring to the University are expected to attend the Transfer Orientation Program offered in August prior to the start of the fall semester and in January prior to the start of the spring semester.

No more than six courses (24 credit hours) can be transferred to a College degree program by students whose first experience at the University of Rochester is as a non-matriculated student. Students who were previously matriculated and then register for University of Rochester coursework as a non-matriculated student are ineligible to use these courses toward a degree without paying the difference in tuition.

Students should also read the enrollment policy and residency requirement page.

Unable to Meet Requirements

If a transfer student believes they will be unable to meet all of the graduation requirements, he/she should contact a faculty advisor or an academic advisor to discuss the problem. After careful consideration, a petition stating the student’s case can be presented to the Administrative Committee through the College Center for Advising Services (CCAS). The student will receive an answer in writing.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to transfer students. Application forms for financial aid and information are available from the Financial Aid Office in Wallis Hall.

Transferring out of the University

Students who are thinking about transferring out of the University are encouraged to discuss their plans with their pre-major or faculty advisor, class dean, or a CCAS academic advisor.

Information and referrals from CCAS may be given in an attempt to facilitate the transfer, or to resolve problems at Rochester that may have prompted a desire to transfer. An exit interview, important for both the student and the College, is expected to take place in CCAS for every student who intends to withdraw or to declare “inactive status.” 

Students needing a recommendation from the dean of the College when transferring to another university can present their written request to CCAS.