Disability Resources

Incoming Students

Students with disabilities enrolled in Arts, Sciences & Engineering are assigned an individual access coordinator to facilitate services during their time at the University of Rochester. Your access coordinator is your partner for arranging reasonable accommodations with instructors.

Steps for incoming students to initiate a confidential accommodation request based on disclosure of a disability:

  1. Complete and return the Disability Information Form included with your Admissions materials.
  2. Submit documentation of your disability to CETL Disability Resources.
  3. Schedule an intake interview with your access coordinator.

The process of determining reasonable accommodations is a collaborative effort between you, your access coordinator, a professional providing the documentation, and the course instructor or program director, if necessary.

The Incoming Students Disability Resources Guide was created to help prepare for transition to the college learning environment. This guide covers:

We are happy to speak with students by email, phone or appointment, and encourage that this contact be made well in advance so services are in place at the start of the semester.