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Disability Support

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UR Partners for Disability Support

Disability-related support for undergraduate students in the College are found in the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), 1-154 Dewey Hall, (585) 275-9049. Our access coordinators are your partners in making the necessary accommodation arrangements for qualified students with disabilities.

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Our primary role is to encourage the development of our student's self-advocacy, self-knowledge, and compensatory strategies while at the same time collaborating with instructors to arrange reasonable accommodations. These accommodations are intended to afford equal access to academic content and equal opportunity to demonstrate mastery through use of assessment adjustments. We are happy to speak with you at any time by email, phone or appointment.

Please contact your student's coordinator with any question or concern:

Access Coordinator Student Caseload Assignment
(by last name)
Pamela Spallacci A – F
Elizabeth Carpenter G – P
Amy Clark Q – Z