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Undergraduate Students

Teaching Assistant Program

The Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Program supports undergraduate TAs in their role as a classroom leader. For many TAs—both experienced and new—it is a daunting task to teach, lead, or facilitate learning in a class when no pedagogical training has been provided.

Students in this program take CAS 310, a two-credit semester long class, which teaches students to:

  • Identify the key elements of an effective learning environment
  • Select appropriate methods and activities to advance learning in such an environment
  • Develop an appreciation of theories of pedagogy, as well as why these are important in the classroom
  • Integrate theory and good teaching practice
  • Reflect on their own experiences in every class

Who Should Apply

Undergraduate teaching assistants who would like to develop their teaching and classroom leadership skills.

Students who have already done CAS 352/355 for workshop leaders are not eligible for this course.


Contact the course instructor, Jenny Hadingham, with any questions.