Graduate Students

Bakhshandeh, Omid
PhD Student, Computer Science
Interests: Computational Linguistics, Specifically Lexical Semantics, Question Answering and Text
Bibyk, Sarah
PhD Student, BCS and Linguistics
(585) 276-4811Lattimore
Bixby, Keturah
Bose, Ritwik
Interests: Computational Linguistics, Machine Translation, Semantics
Burchill, Zach
Interests: alignment, adaptation, generalization across speaker-groups
Meliora Hall 302
Bushong, Wednesday
Interests: Implicit learning during language processing, adaptation, sentence processing, computational and experimental pragmatics
Meliora Hall 3rd floor
Buz, Esteban (585) 275-6281Meliora Hall
Chen, Quanjing
Chernoff, Benjamin
Interests: Utilizing DTI, ECoG, and functional connectivity to study language processing in brain tumor and epilepsy populations
Garcea, Frank (585) 276-5756RCBI
Ibarra, Alyssa (585) 275-2508Meliora Hall
Kleinschmidt, David (585) 275-6281Meliora Hall
Liu, Linda Meliora Hall 302
Loparev, Anna
Interests: Human-Computer Interaction, Natural Language Processing, Other topics applicable to video
Manshadi, Mehdi (585) 275-0469CSB
Mollica, Frank Meliora Hall 302
Mostafazadeh, Nasrin
Interests: Computational Lexical Semantics, Automatic Question Answering and Text Summarization
Peng, Xiaochang
Interests: Machine Translation, Natural Language Processing
Computer Studies Building
Perera, Ian
Interests: Computational linguistics, child language learning, symbol grounding
(585) 275-6281CSB
Pogue, Amanda (585) 275-6281Meliora Hall
Pontillo, Dan (585) 275-2508Meliora Hall
Qiu, Qiyuan
Interests: Natural Language Processing, Cognitive Science and Machine Learning
Razavi, Seyedeh Zahra
Interests: Natural Language Understanding, Machine Learning, Cognitive Science
Computer Studies Building
Seifeldin, Maryam Meliora Hall 302
Shay, Elizabeth RCBI
Song, Linfeng
Interests: Machine Translation, Natural Language Processing
Computer Studies Building