Center for Student Conflict Management


The CARE network, one component of the CSCM, effectively connects students in distress with appropriate campus resources. The CARE network relies on students, staff, faculty, and parents to submit CARE reports when they are significantly concerned about the well-being of a UR student.

When you submit a report to the CARE network you are telling the Associate Director for Student Support Services that you have seen/heard something from a UR student that concerns you. Your report may be the activating event that helps the student get connected to appropriate campus resources, or you may be providing supplemental information about a student that assists in our ability to more appropriately reach out.

The primary goal of the CARE network is to effectively identify students in, or heading toward distress. We CARE about student success and rely on you, the eyes and ears of our University, to help us make sure our students are supported.

Please click here for more information about the CARE network.

Submit a CARE Report